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*The Master Strategy Group welcomes you to our Website. MSG is a partnership of Cash Anthony and James R. Davis, comprising a number of affiliated companies. Along with our talented colleagues and collaborators, we write stories, direct and produce short films, plays, and weekend mystery entertainments, and engage in all kinds of creative and educational projects.

The Master Strategy Group includes TFT Writers Marketing, MSG Productions, James R. Davis Motorcycle Safety and Dynamics, Jim’s highly-recognized Website Motorcycle Tips and Techniques, the eShop From Cash’s Closet, and The Master Strategy Group, our parent company. We support the members of All Things Motorcycle, an international safety forum Jim has established, and we hope to provide information of value here for Texas actors, directors, filmmakers and writers, including members of The Final Twist, a Houston writing group we are proud to assist. You may purchase autographed books by TFT writers in the eShop, including award-winning anthologies A Death in Texas and A Box of Texas Chocolates, both of which feature Cash’s short stories about Jessie Carr, amateur detective and biker chick.

We invite you to register (it's free), browse our forums, take a look at the eShop (From Cash's Closet), and visit our online movie theatre, where you can watch two examples of our short films.



You’re invited to watch two short films that MSG has made. These were learning tools–and a lot of fun.

False Negative   

Do Me No Favors   


Cash Anthony has won many awards for her screenwriting, most recently when she was awarded an honorable mention at Sundance's 2012 Table Read My Screenplay Competition. She writes spec features and shorts, as well as feature adaptations.

Her feature-length screenplays include Cold Justice, inspired by the true stories of two innocent men who were freed after years on Death Row; Taking Up Serpents, the story of a young soldier who returns wounded from combat, only to find her daughter unable to break free from the cult in which they both were raised; The Calendar Codex, an adaptation of a novel about a vacation in Guatemala that turned a boy not only into a panther but also into a Mayan god; and A Racing Heart, which finds an orphaned motocross racer trying to go from Texas to New York City for his late mother’s tribute at the new World Trade Center.

She holds the book rights for a series of short stories featuring biker-sleuth-avenging angel Jessie Carr and for two novels that she’s optioned to adapt.